NRG Bar Story Dan O'Rourke

Dan O'Rourke (NRG BAR Founder) is a Marine, a father, a husband, and an endurance athlete who grew up in the restaurant business. After nearly ten years of the corporate, high-tech landscape, he started NRG BAR.

Dan was always an active kid playing sports (never the fastest or strongest) who grew up to be an Ironman triathlete. He and his wife started racing in sprint triathlons in 1997. When they struggled to have children, they created an organic diet to support an active lifestyle of everyday exercise. Together, they continue to live an "Eat Healthy / Live Healthy" lifestyle as parents to their two young children.

If you've ever been to a triathlon, road race, or other endurance event in the New England area, chances are you've seen Dan bombing around in the NRG Land Rover.

If you see him, be sure to stop by and say hello! If Dan's there, NRG BARs are there, too!

NRG BAR is located in Southborough, Massachusetts.